His(my)story, Part 1


My work colleague’s jaw dropped in amazement as I locked my phone, grinned, and took another mouthful of lager.

“I tell ya mate, next year’s the one.”

That was at the end of 2018, the last drink of the year before we broke up from work for Christmas. Suffice to say, 2019 has not been the one. Not yet anyway.

But I digress, which is quite impressive considering I’ve barely started.

You’re probably wondering who I am, why I’m here and why you’re here. Well, you’re definitely pondering the last one. Let me try and clarify.

I lost my mum in 2013 and had to get acquainted with the real world far too quickly. Financially I was not prepared – I’d been languishing in the same job with no direction and low pay for well over a decade. I had no prospects and all of a sudden, a mortgage to go with them. I had to figure out a way to make some extra coins somehow.

I took my first steps into trading in 2015. Foreign Exchange (Forex) was the game I’d foolishly chosen to play, and I got suckered in to a simple, market breakout based service promising hundreds of pips and vast riches. I wouldn’t particularly call myself gullible, and I did my research, checking for reviews and proofing etc etc, but on this occasion I got taken for a ride 100%. The service lost me money, and taught me a valuable lesson.

Despite that, my first exposure to the market outside of the movie Trading Places had me somewhat hooked. There was an entertainment value to watching charts go green, then red, then green, then red. Like a gigantic endless money making set of traffic lights with body dysmorphia, and a personality disorder big enough to let someone get run over by waiting until they’d put a bunch of money in the market and switching direction faster than you can say “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself.”

I started to dabble at my own speed, with a small fortune, and all of Metatrader 4’s inbuilt indicators‚Ķ