His(my)Story, Part 2

In life, you generally tend to find that the greater the intrinsic value of something, the more people will invest in it. Not just monetarily, but emotionally too. It’s a theory I can look back on now and say, hey, yeah, you know what? I put far too much of my brain space into that thing that happened and it cost me. But in the heat of battle it’s so much harder to reflect and see where you’re going wrong.

MT4 has some 30+ inbuilt indicators, mathematical equations that are going on in the background that give you a clear and present account of what’s happening in the market. Perhaps they are closer to providing a clear and present danger, where the major players are going to take your money, shit on it, wipe it in your stupid ugly face and then get their butlers to clean the smeg from it before depositing it nicely in the slush fund.

I researched and tried many combinations over those next few months. A moving average cross would make sense, but then the trend would exhaust itself as soon as I entered. Okay, how about range trading with the outer bollinger lines? Haha, nope, we’re going to break out like Manchester City carving up Arsenal’s defence. What about ADX then? Well, only if your idea of trading is trying to follow a bunch of lines that have no bearing on the current state of the market.

If you look hard enough (and by hard enough I mean type “forex trading systems” into Google) there are hundreds of approaches that use all of these base indicators. Some even find massive followings on websites like Forex Factory. Yet very few seem to provide actual winning combinations.

The inevitable was starting to dawn on me – this wasn’t going to be an easy task. In my period of testing the inbuilt indicators, I’d lost a few hundred pounds. I could ill-afford to lose much else.

I sat at “loss of confidence and money” from the word go.

(I sat at “loss of confidence and money” from the word go)

Except I did. I lost my job.