New Year’s Revolutions

I know it’s a bit early, but I wanted to set out my stall near the start of my trading blog’s life with some New Year’s Resolutions. Plus it breaks up my history shitposting which is obviously impacting all of your Christmasses because you care that damn much.

Let’s go.

#1 Stick to my algorithim – or at least have tested it long enough to let it live or die. Trying to find success in short term moves has always been my strength, but wobbling too quickly when it’s not coming together has been a weakness too. The two kinda go hand in hand. To classify the failure of an algorithim, it needs to have an extended period of time to breathe and prove itself. 3 or 4 days of losses in a row isn’t anything to be immediately concerned by, but when I see my capital dropping like a stone in those moments I tend to go for the nuke button and go back to the drawing board. I need to recognise that pulling the trigger too early isn’t going to get me to the promised land.

#2 Stop eating crap and unfat myself. Alright, a bit of a personal one but I can’t JUST talk about trading, I’m not some kind of Nick Leeson rogue trading robot and if I spend all year just concentrating on trading… I really have nothing witty here to add. Basically, I’ve put on like a bazillion pounds this year and have almost exclusively eaten Greggs and McDonalds. This needs to stop.

He never got fat, even after all that stress

#3 Resolve my marital unbliss one way or the other. Yeah, yeah, another personal point. I got married this year. I had second thoughts going into it, and since I’ve been living with her in supposed unity my second thoughts have evolved into third, fourth and fifth thoughts. If she didn’t get so bloody angry about fuck all and talk pointlessly all the time I think I’d probably be quite happy, but sometimes you have to turn around and say you make my mental health complete fucking garbage. By the end of 2020, I either want to be back on my own or happy.

#4 Start freelance training and perhaps even sell signals produced from the algorithim. If you check my About page, you’ll see that I’m in the business of training people. I’m a damn good trainer too, and I’ve got a pretty solid contract for 2 more years – but everyone knows a year moves quickly. I would love to transition into training people on how to effectively build trading systems, as well as provide signals for sale from a working, profitable algorithim. Here’s hoping.

#5 Do the Lord’s work. I’m a Christian. Not a particularly good one, but a Christian all the same. There’s a calling out there for me that I either haven’t heard or the Lord hasn’t given me yet. So many times over the past year I’ve asked for forgiveness and help and He’s always been there. I hope 2020 is the year He gives me the opportunity to really prove myself.

Well, that’s it. Let’s go get it!