His(my)Story, Part 4

I have an addictive personality. It’s fuelled by the need to be the best that I can be. I’m totally fine with losing, but I’m not okay with losing when I know there’s more in the tank. If I give up on something, it’s only ever temporary. So a massive cash injection gave me the fuel I needed to go deep.

My new job did not afford me the time to daytrade lose money every hour of the day, so I had to start looking at the daily timeframe. This was something of a revelation to me – those market spikes evaporated from the chart, trades seemed able to run longer, and I gained a whole new perspective from position size and risk management. Although I was not particularly any better at making money, I was starting to design my own systems that obeyed consistent rules and didn’t blow banks all in one go.

My bank manager would be so proud (or probably doesn’t care because I doubt he earns a single penny off my bullshit account)

However I was tired. Tired of searching for reasons why indicators weren’t working the way they promised. Tired of searching for third party junk that may or may not repaint a chart in its own way. Tired of still losing money. I’d made such a huge leap forward in terms of my understanding of market mechanics and trading psychology, but it hadn’t particularly made me any better.

I needed a break. Metatrader was uninstalled, and for a while it seemed like it might be the last time. Or so I thought.

Everything changed in 2017. Like, literally everything. I had a new job – one I actually liked – and a chance encounter that led to a chance relationship brought me back to the fold a few years later. The object of my affection was a single mum living in a far flung location. All of a sudden single life on a single man’s wage was no longer really viable. Gee, who knew?

I don’t know what my thought process was at the time to be honest. Probably infatuation? When you start thinking with your dick, your dick starts thinking for you. It wanted vagina, lubricant, handjobs and, I can only assume, with the general lack of attention I’d given it during “The Depression Years” it made an educated guess I was paying for the privilege. Therefore, the answer to this equation was…

Having had a year off, I was pleasantly surprised to find I was adopting a more considered approach. A couple of other forums and websites had come to prominence since my temporary retirement/massive paddy, and they had some proprietary indicators of their own that picked out market conditions with much greater accuracy than before.

Profits were coming in, but they were inconsistent and my accounts tended to hover around break even. Something was still missing.

Enter 2019. Enter… NNFX.

(just one more part guys, honest)