Fresh Start

So, you’ve woken up and discovered the terrible truth that you’re still on this hellhole of a planet and you’ve and stumbled into 2020.

Just… kill me now. But, I guess whilst we’re here, we may as well try and do something with it.

I do all my best thinking in the shower, and sometimes my best wanking as well. Given I’ve just gotten out I’m both proud and disappointed in equal amounts to state that in this case, it’s best thinking, about my trading and where to take this blog.

As of next week, I’ll be back up to relative trading full speed. The markets should start to see liquidity from the banks again as everyone comes back to work and tries to pull apart all the financial news that came from Christmas, and as the business news from Christmas retail sales and failures come through, so will come the first big impact to stocks and currencies alike.

Sometimes I wish this dispensed acid.

So, I’ve got quite a few articles I want to write to flesh out the content I’m delivering here a bit more, but also I’ll be starting to publicly monitor my trades here too, which was the whole point of this place from the start.

Let’s talk about how that’s going to look around here for the next month.

Fridays and weekends will feature both a preview of how I see the upcoming week and a roundup of trades from the previous week. Wednesdays and Saturdays will feature a variety of articles about both general trading and things more specific to me – breaking down my algorithim, my trading journal, things that I can share with you and you can hopefully contribute to and use, and reviews of existing trading systems and indicators and where they might plug in to both yours and my trading.

Hopefully by writing this for your pleasure, I can enhance my business too.

On February 1st, I’ll be reviewing this style and seeing if it’s worked out – and if I can keep up that kind of production level. Might be a big ask!

Onwards to next week!