So you’ve read my His(my)Story (all five parts. Why did you do that? Terrible idea), and you’ve taken a look around, and you’re a bit of a moron so you didn’t even click About and you want to know what this place is.

Well, I’m going to copy and paste the text from my About page and then elaborate a little bit. I’m a bit lazy like that (That’s okay, because you’ve been a bit lazy to not look at my About page!)

DoubleThree is the home of Syxx –husband, dad, digital trainer, writer, occasional tech wizard and wannabe day trader. He’s 30-something, supports Arsenal Football Club and is in the trading game partially to make life comfortable for his family, and partially to fund a charity project idea he’s working on. He hates typing in the third person, but creating an about page any other way seems wilfully unprofessional.

DoubleThree is intended to serve as an independent trader’s look into the ridiculous world of foreign exchange trading and finance – and that includes the random musings and thoughts the brain stretches to when there’s nothing to trade in a flat market. Expect sarcastic observations, completely incorrect technical analysis, unwanted commentary and the frustrations of balancing trading, work, family life and staying sane.

His favourite number is three – since three is the magic number – and what’s better than the number three? Two threes. Hence the website name. And of course, two threes make six, which would explain the online handle.

It’s unnecessarily complicated. Let’s just leave it at that.

Article wise, you can expect to see the following:

  • Weekly breakdowns of the market as I see it, and how my own personal trading went.
  • Observations of how I can improve my algorithim and approach to my trading
  • Reviews of indicators and systems I find for free on the web that I either take something from or I think might be beneficial for someone’s system somewhere
  • The odd personal mind dump that I can dump all over my social media for whatever reason (movie review, game review, rant about Arsenal)

That’s probably it, really. Doublethree is something personal and for me, but equally, if you get something from it, I’m happy for you. Just be aware, I’m not writing for anyone but me. You are welcome to comment on any post here, but unless it’s pleasant, insightful and could raise an interesting conversation I probably won’t approve it.

In the words of VP of NNFX – go get it!