(Chase and) Status of the Union

That joke was totally not worth it.

The blog’s been going for about 6 weeks (give or take, I can’t actually be arsed to check) and as I said quite early on, I wanted to stop shortly into its existence to take stock.

First and foremost, I definitely cannot keep up the content production schedule of 2 full articles a week as well as the Countdown and Roundups. As much as I’ve enjoyed crafting a lot of it, there’s little room to work, trade, be daddy and reluctant husband, see friends, relax and write.

You may have noticed this from the array of Countdown and Roundups posts that were literally just made up of ?s. I scheduled these posts to make the process of posting easier – all I’d need to do is drop in some content and they’d be ready to go. Unfortunately I haven’t even had time to do that. It’s only today that I’ve thought, shit, I need to delete that messy content.

Plus, and here’s a key point – the algo’s changed again. Obviously from my first results the current algorithim seemed to be a good one, but the problem from my perspective is that the winning trades hit the profit targets by such a small margin it could’ve so easily gone the other way. I would prefer to get into something in the middle of its move and then out whilst it’s still got legs. I believe the algo I’ve got now accomplishes that, but it’s still firmly in testing. So much more development and understanding to go.

There’s also been a bunch of articles I haven’t even remotely enjoyed writing either. I hated writing the Chart Art post in particular – when I read it back, it’s just a jumble of words. To be fair, that’s a big portion of my writing style, but it doesn’t lend itself well to some scribblings. I had planned to review the SSL indicator and Xard’s fantastic trend following system, but I’ve realised I’m not the best person to write these pieces.

So, Countdowns and Roundups good. Analysis of own trading algorithms (past, present and future) and future developments good. The odd occasional foray into trading psychology and approaches good. Everything else? Nope. Especially where it concerns looking at other people’s shit. This is my journey after all.

That said, I do want to add one thing to the schedule. Reviews of trading and business films and TV shows. I’ve found these fascinating long before I started trading, and even more so now. I think it’d be interesting to look at them both as entertainment, and trading tools as well. So you can expect that added to the schedule.

So with all that in mind, for the next few months, I think we’re looking at…

  • Sundays and Fridays weekly: Countdowns and Roundups
  • Fortnightly on Wednesdays: My trading algorithm analysis/trading psychology/future developments
  • Every now and then on Saturdays: Trading media reviews

Just don’t expect this to be consistent for a while! I will try and get there as quickly as I can.

Another Chase and Status in a few months then! Until then, carry on trading. Or don’t, I don’t really care what you do.